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3 Free Math Coloring Worksheet.pdf in 3 Coloring pages | Coloring Ws Coloring Pages

coloring pages : Color Worksheets For Toddlers New 3 Worksheet

coloring pages : Color Worksheets For Toddlers New 3 Worksheet | Coloring Ws Coloring Pages

There are abounding bifold processor workstation motherboards to best from; some aloof get the job done, and others like the Z10PE-D8 WS do it in style. The new Intel Haswell-EP CPUs and C612 Chipset accompany a lot of processing adeptness to the table, and ASUS has taken these new systems, and advised an affected band-aid that can fit into abounding high-end workstation applications.

The Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard is what every enthusiast dreams of running, and it does not let you down. The new colour arrangement ASUS uses with ablaze and aphotic blah sockets and motherboard, accomplish this lath attending absolutely nice. Throw in gold atramentous calefaction sinks, which accord it nice adverse and added appeal, and you absolutely accept a looker.

We anticipate abounding users would like to baptize air-conditioned this motherboard and video cards, and install them in a nice big-widowed case to appearance aggregate off. Yes, it looks that nice. However, looks are not everything, so let’s get this lath running, and see how it performs. First, let’s attending at the retail amalgamation to see absolutely what you get.

Here we are attractive at the advanced of the retail box for the Z10PE-D8 WS. Aloof like added ASUS products, the retail box looks actual nice. The retail box is atramentous with a collapsed atramentous ink that seems to chafe up a little with handling.

Here we see the aback of the retail box. The aback of the box has affluence of advice about the motherboard, so you can get a acceptable overview of what appearance the Z10PE-D8 WS contains. The argument is rather small, and adamantine to apprehend in some cases, as they accommodate a lot of advice here.

After flipping up the alien sleeve affectation panel, we can see the advice shown. As we accept said before, the retail bales for ASUS motherboards are actual nice; the aerial affection and all-embracing address makes for a able affectation on retail shelves.

When you accessible the box for the aboriginal time, the actual aboriginal affair you see is the motherboard. The motherboard is sitting in a white agenda tray that lifts appropriate out to accommodate admission to the abutting compartment.

After appropriation out the motherboard tray, we see the accent compartments. These are two side-by-side compartments that authority all of the accessories. Below, you will acquisition the abounding breakdown of all the accessories that are included in the retail package. Accessories listed on the ASUS website:

Here we accept the accessories that came in our retail box all laid out.

The two disciplinarian disks included with our Z10PE-D8 WS are:

PRICING: You can acquisition the ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard for auction below. The prices listed are accurate at the time of writing, but can change at any time. Bang the articulation to see the actual latest appraisement for the best deal.

United States: The Z10PE-D8 WS retails for $630.31 at Amazon.

Canada: The Z10PE-D8 WS retails for CDN$768.97 at Amazon Canada.

The capital items to agenda are the cardinal of PCIe slots on the Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard; there are abundant to run 4-Way SLI, or 4-Way Crossfire for graphics. This is a ample bulk of PCIe slots for a motherboard of this size. There are additionally a ample cardinal of SATA and USB ports on the Z10PE-D8 WS. There are abundant SATA ports to affix a ample RAID, and accept affluence of USB accessories attached.

There are alone 8 DIMM slots on the Z10PE-D8, which banned the bulk of RAM that can be installed. If you charge added RAM, you would be appropriate to move to beyond accommodation DIMMs.

The block diagram for this motherboard is simple; you can see that the C612 handles all of the SATA and USB functions, and additionally includes the audio features.

Here we get our aboriginal attending at the Z10PE-D8 WS workstation motherboard. ASUS uses the aforementioned blush arrangement on this lath that we saw with the X99-WS motherboard. The gold calefaction sinks attending abnormally nice. This is a abundant attractive and able-bodied laid out motherboard.

The aboriginal botheration we had with this lath has to do with the adeptness connectors. You can see the two eight-pin adeptness connectors advance out actuality on the appropriate ancillary of the motherboard. With some PSUs, this is not a problem, as these connectors are on abstracted adeptness cables. However, the Thermaltake Toughpower 1500W Gold that we started appliance has both eight-pin adeptness connectors affiliated to anniversary added on one cable. The ambit amid the two connectors was not abundant to adeptness both sockets on this motherboard.

The abutting botheration is the six-pin adeptness adapter is way over on the appropriate ancillary of the motherboard, which adeptness present cabling issues aback installed in a case. Actuality is the abounding account of access activate on the Z10PE-D8 WS:

Here we see the PCIe slots, which are:

We additionally see the Q-Code, LED, power, and displace buttons on the far larboard edge, which we absolutely like.

Now we are attractive at the lower larboard ancillary of the motherboard.

Intel C612 chipset:

These ports abutment RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10.

worksheet ~ Coloring Pages Astonishing Worksheets For Kids Picture

worksheet ~ Coloring Pages Astonishing Worksheets For Kids Picture | Coloring Ws Coloring Pages

ASMedia SATA Express controller:

Here we are attractive at the aerial appropriate area of the motherboard. This is area the capital I/O connectors on the aback console are located, and one of the eight-pin adeptness connectors is aloof beneath the VRM calefaction sink.

The lower appropriate ancillary of the motherboard has two eight-pin adeptness connectors for the CPU, and the capital 24-pin adeptness connectors over on the basal bend of the motherboard. There are additionally two CPU Fan headers amid aloof to the larboard of the RAM slots.

Now we are attractive at the aback I/O ports. At the left, we see a PS/2 mouse/keyboard anchorage with two USB 2.0 ports below. The abutting assemblage has the Q-Code Logger button, and beneath that is the USB BIOS anamnesis button. Abutting is an Optical S/PDIF out port, and afresh we accept two USB 3.0 ports. The abutting assemblage has a Gigabit LAN anchorage with two USB 3.0 ports below. The afterward assemblage has a Gigabit LAN port, which can additionally be acclimated as a BMC administration port, and the final assemblage has audio achievement connections.

The Z10PE-D8 WS uses Atrium 2011-3 for the CPUs. This atrium is hardly altered from the accustomed Atrium 2011, so v2 CPUs will not fit this. The calefaction bore mounts are the same; however, some earlier calefaction sinks for Atrium 2011 will assignment fine.

The Z10PE-D8 WS BIOS is archetypal for server motherboards.

Here we are attractive at the capital awning aback you access the BIOS. You can see basal advice about the motherboard, BIOS version, how abundant anamnesis there is, and the date/time.

The abutting awning is the AI Tweaker page. Actuality you can set the AI Overclock Tuner to manual, and acclimatize the BCLK of the CPUs; added options are for voltages of altered kinds.

The Advanced tab allows adjustments for Storage, PCI, Network, and abounding added settings.

The IntelRCSetup card has abounding changes for Memory, PCH, Processor, and added server configurations.

The IntelRCSetup Processor Configuration card has options for Hyper-Threading, VMX, SMX, and added options.

Power Technology card allows you to set altered adeptness extenuative features; these will acclimatize altered P States for authoritative how the arrangement will acknowledge to altered uses, like Energy Efficient or Max Performance.

The blow of the BIOS screens apparent are archetypal for abounding server motherboards.

The C61x Server Abutment DVD Rev 5.0 has the basal drivers that you charge to get this lath up and running.

After inserting the disciplinarian disk, we appear to the aboriginal screen, which shows the options accessible for this disk. Beat on anniversary of these sections listed will activate the accession of the called drivers.

At the top of the list, you can see “ASUS Install”; beat that will accompany up the abutting screen. This will install all of the bare drivers for you, so you do not accept to bang anniversary one.

Here is the account of utilities that you can install:

The Accomplish Deejay card has options for creating a disciplinarian deejay to abutment altered RAID systems.

The Chiral card has PDF files for all of the altered manuals that you will need.

The Acquaintance card has basal advice on how to acquaintance ASUS if you charge to. Abutting is the S566 ASWM Action SDVD Durian Edition Rev 5.0 abutment DVD, which will accept server accompanying drivers.

We would like to acknowledge ASUS, Crucial, SanDisk, Yokogawa, Thermaltake, Noctua, SPEC, Passmark, Primate Labs, and AIDA64 for their abutment in accouterment genitalia for our analysis system.

The processor we will be appliance is the Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3, which appearance 16 cores with hyper-threading, and will accumulation the processing power.

The Intel C612 Chipset will accept provided abutment for up to 18 bulk processors.

In our tests, we will be appliance the new Crucial DDR4 memory, which has a acceleration of 2133 MHz, and is rated at CL15. We will use eight 16GB sticks of these kits, and that will accompany us to 128GB of RAM. We accept already taken a attending at these anamnesis kits, and you can acquisition our analysis here: Crucial DDR4-2133 DRx4 RDIMM Anamnesis Analysis – Testing up to 256GB.

Here we can see the timings of the Crucial DDR4 anamnesis that we will be appliance in our tests.

CINEBENCH is a real-world, cantankerous belvedere analysis apartment that evaluates your computer’s achievement capabilities. The analysis book uses all of your system’s processing adeptness to cede a photorealistic 3D scene. This arena makes use of assorted algorithms to accent all accessible processor cores. You can additionally run this analysis with a single-core approach to accord a single-core rating.

Here we are attractive at our CINEBENCH 11.5 tests; the Z10PE-D8 WS shows a acceptable account here, but array hardly abaft the others in the multi-core tests. The Z10PE-D8 WS does accept a slight advance in single-core tests, which makes us anticipate the BIOS is optimized for single-threaded workloads.

The Z10PE-D8 WS has a acceptable account in CINEBENCH R15, which shows actual acceptable performance. The Z10PE-D8 WS does appearance able single-threaded after-effects that analyze to added motherboards we’ve tested.

wPrime is a arch multi-threaded criterion for x86 processors that tests your processor performance. This is a abundant analysis to use to bulk the arrangement speed, and it additionally works as a accent analysis to see how able-bodied the system’s cooling is performing.

In wPrime, the Z10PE-D8 WS shows acceptable scores, but avalanche abaft aback compared to added motherboards. As we said before, these baby account adjustments are not abundant to be anxious about in these tests.

AIDA64 anamnesis bandwidth benchmarks (Memory Read, Anamnesis Write, and Anamnesis Copy) admeasurement the best accessible anamnesis abstracts alteration bandwidth.

Memory bandwidth for the Z10PE-D8 WS is attractive actual good. These numbers are about bisected of what a bifold CPU arrangement would get; it does appearance acceptable bandwidth with this setup, and compares able-bodied with added motherboards.

Intel Optimized LINPACK Criterion is a generalization of the LINPACK 1000 benchmark. It solves a close (real*8) arrangement of beeline equations (Ax=b), measures the bulk of time it takes to agency and break the system, converts that time into a achievement rate, and tests the after-effects for accuracy.

LINPACK is a admeasurement of a computer’s floating-point bulk of beheading ability, abstinent in GFLOPS (Floating-point Operations per Second); ten-billion FLOPS is according to ten GFLOPS. LINPACK is a actual abundant compute appliance that can booty advantage of the new AVX2 instruction. Back it puts a actual aerial bulk on the system, it is additionally a acceptable accent analysis program.

In LINPACK, the Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard shows boilerplate bandwidth compared to added motherboards.

PCMark 8 is the latest adaptation in the alternation of PC benchmarking accoutrement by Futuremark. It is absolutely accordant with Windows 8, and can be run beneath Windows 7.

Our PCMark 8 tests were completed on a basal system; we acclimated alone one NVIDIA Quadro K5000 here. Appliance added video cards would access this account a abundant deal, so this is alone for reference.

SPECwpc_v1.0.2 is a workstation criterion that measures key aspects of workstation applications.

These tests do put a huge bulk on the system, and booty about eight hours to run on this system. SPECwpc puts a abundant bulk on the GPU.

Even baby increases in array appearance a big advance in performance. Certain genitalia of this analysis await on storage, so appliance setups with SSDs and RAID 0 would access those scores.

Geekbench 3 is Primate Labs’ cross-platform processor criterion with a new scoring arrangement that separates single-core and multi-core performance, and new workloads that simulate real-world scenarios. It additionally includes STREAM based anamnesis tests, which we will accommodate in our reviews.

Here we are attractive at the single-core STREAM anamnesis tests. Bandwidth shows aloft boilerplate results. The Z10PE-D8 WS shows able anamnesis optimization, and appears able-bodied acquainted for anamnesis bandwidth.

Now we are attractive at multi-core STREAM tests. The Z10PE-D8 WS afresh shows able anamnesis bandwidth after-effects in this test.

UnixBench has been about for a continued time now, and is a acceptable general-purpose bank to analysis on Linux based systems. This is a arrangement benchmark, and it shows the achievement of single-threaded and multi-threaded tasks.

Synthetic benchmarks alone appearance allotment of the achievement of a motherboard. Aback appliance tests that are added complex, we will alpha to see a altered trend in the scores. UnixBench shows boilerplate after-effects for the Z10PE-D8 WS and E5-2698 v3 in this test.

SPEC CPU2006v1.2 measures compute accelerated achievement beyond the arrangement appliance astute benchmarks to bulk absolute performance.

In our testing with SPEC CPU2006 we use the afterward basal commands to run these tests:

” Runspec –tune=base –config=tweaktown.cfg ,” afresh ” int ,” or ” fp .”

To do multi-threaded, we add in ” –rate=32 .”

When SPEC CPU aboriginal came out, these tests could booty up to a anniversary to run, but as computers become faster, our tests now booty up to four canicule for a abounding run, and alike beneath on some systems. The user can do abounding things to aftereffect the after-effects of CPU2006 runs, including compiler optimizations, add-ons like Smartheap, and altered commands acclimated to alpha the tests.

This criterion has abounding altered commands to use depending on what the user is attractive for. For our tests, we acclimated basal commands that run a abounding analysis with a abject tune. Actuality you can see the SPEC array afterwards abounding runs for Accumulation (int) and Floating Point (fp) tests. Single-core runs appearance how fast (speed) a CPU can accomplish a accustomed task. In the multi-core runs, we set SPEC CPU2006v1.2 to use all accoutrement to admeasurement the throughput of the system.

The added cores/threads of this arrangement accept a huge appulse on achievement in these tests and absolutely appearance the bulk of application that a distinct atrium motherboard has. Single-threaded after-effects are still actual important, but aback you charge abounding single-threaded apps to run; affective to a CPU with added cores is the way to go. This is area the Z10PE-D8 WS and Bifold E5-2698 v3’s starts to shine, multi-threaded interger workloads.

CPU2006 shows able multi-core after-effects on the Z10PE-D8 WS. Let’s booty a attending at the alone analysis aftereffect scores.

Looking at the after-effects of single-threaded accumulation runs, we can get an abstraction of acceleration at which the Bifold E5-2698 v3’s can crisis through the altered accumulation tests. Not all CPUs are according here, and ones that accept a college acceleration will accomplish these tests faster. Naturally, appliance an overclocked system, or CPUs with a college banal acceleration will accomplish college results.

Now we run the analysis appliance all 32 cores/64 accoutrement on the Bifold E5-2698 v3 processors to admeasurement the throughput of the system. In this test, added cores/threads will accept a greater aftereffect on the outcome.

Just like the accumulation tests, we now run the floating-point tests in single-threaded (speed) mode.

Here we see the after-effects of the multi-core floating-point run that uses all 32 cores/64 accoutrement on the Bifold E5-2698 v3 processor motherboard. Like the multi-threaded accumulation test, added cores/threads will accept a greater appulse on the test.

Just like the accumulation multi-threaded tests, the Z10PE-D8 WS and Bifold E5-2698 v3 admixture absolutely takes off here.

We accept upgraded our adeptness testing equipment, and now use a Yokogawa WT310 adeptness beat for testing. The Yokogawa WT310 feeds its abstracts through a USB cable to addition apparatus area we can abduction the analysis results.

To analysis absolute arrangement adeptness use, we acclimated AIDA64 Stability analysis to bulk the CPU, and afresh recorded the results. We additionally now add in the adeptness use for a server from off state, to hitting the adeptness button to about-face it on, and booty it all the way to the desktop. This gives us abstracts on adeptness burning during the cossack up process.

The X99-E WS uses ~100watts at abandoned on the desktop, and it peaks at ~455watts beneath abounding load. The adeptness use is hardly college than approved workstation motherboards because we accept the added NVIDIA Quadro K5000 installed on our motherboard.

With the Z10PE-D8 WS, we see aiguille adeptness use of alone ~275watts during the cossack up process. The arrangement afresh settles bottomward to ~100watts afterwards the cossack up is completed.

Back in March, we took a attending at the ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS workstation motherboard, which, at the time, was ASUS’s top alms for bifold CPU workstation motherboards.

Since then, we accept had a adventitious to see abounding altered motherboards appliance the new Intel Haswell-EP E5-2600 v3 processors, and now we accept the latest bifold CPU workstation motherboard from ASUS to test.

In our testing, we acquisition that the Z10PE-D8 WS endless up adequately able-bodied adjoin the added motherboards, but there is allowance for advance in some benchmarks. The Z10PE-D8 WS did actual able-bodied in our CPU2006 tests, and alike surpassed added motherboards in performance; this is acceptable back CPU2006 has added real-world workloads than abounding of the constructed benchmarks.

The Z10PE-D8 WS is additionally one of the few bifold CPU systems that can overclock the processors. The bulk of overclock is bound to BCLK only, and alone by a baby amount. In our testing, we activate that a BCLK of 104 was the max after adopting any voltages. It was rather simple to do; aloof accumulate aggregate on Auto, access a 104 BCLK, and reboot. On the ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS, we had a absolute of 106 BCLK, which again, is not much, but the new Haswell-EP processors achievement assets negates alike that active at banal settings. So, whether or not to overclock these systems for such a baby bulk is debateable, but if you charge alike a baby bulk of achievement edge, afresh go for it.

We accede the Z10PE-D8 WS workstation motherboard the go-to lath for bifold CPU enthusiast types. ASUS has afflicted blush schemes on this lath to accord it a nice high-end look; the aesthetics of this lath are absolutely striking. Abounding users adeptness accede baptize cooling this setup, and abacus all kinds of adorned bling in a nice decked-out case. This motherboard looks actual acceptable with the ablaze and aphotic gray blush scheme, and gold-colored calefaction sinks, which makes it a nice arrangement to accouter out.

We additionally accept the adeptness to run Cloister SLI, or 4-Way Cantankerous Fire for cartoon to accord this lath the bend on cartoon power. Furthermore, the added accumulator abilities accord this motherboard accomplished adeptness to abundance and action ample files, and do so bound and efficiently.

We are afflicted with the new architecture for the new Intel Haswell-EP E5-2600 v3 processor belvedere that ASUS has appear up with; it packs aloof about every affection you could appetite on a high-end platform, and does so with a no-compromise design.

PRICING: You can acquisition the ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard for auction below. The prices listed are accurate at the time of writing, but can change at any time. Bang the articulation to see the actual latest appraisement for the best deal.

United States: The Z10PE-D8 WS retails for $630.31 at Amazon.

Canada: The Z10PE-D8 WS retails for CDN$768.97 at Amazon Canada.

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